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International Orders with Authorize.net

I recently ran into an issue where international customers could not checkout properly in Ubercart, a fully featured Drupal ecommerce solution.  I was using Authorize.net as the credit card processer.  To allow international customers to be verified with Authorize.net, do the following in your merchant account:

CCK field as a view argument in Drupal 6

I found this trick during the development of Acton Institute's new Drupal-ized website.  I wanted to be able to list out other articles by the same author and show it on a sidebar.  Here's the setup:

  • Article authors are CCK nodereference fields to a separate author content type

How does one then construct a view that thinks the author is a CCK field and not the actual node's author?  It's a lot easier than I thought.  The only thing you need to have in your view is an argument with a little PHP magic.